Андрій Садовий і Любомир Зубач
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October 4, 2023
андрій садовий корупція
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October 11, 2023

Not with paving stones alone. Earnings of Mayor Sadovyi and his mayor’s office increased in September

Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi’s salary increased in September, according to the official website of the Lviv City Council. In September, Andriy Sadovyi was paid 75.9 thousand hryvnias in salary, which is 8100 hryvnias more than last month. The mayor received over 60 thousand hryvnias, which is 6447 hryvnias more than in August.

A significant part of this increase in the mayor’s income was made up of bonuses, which increased by 4,474 hryvnias since 1st of September. It is also worth noting that the bonuses of almost all of Sadovyi’s deputies have also increased significantly. Previously, bonuses were typically twice the salary, but now they are on average 2.5 times higher. In particular, Deputy for Urban Development Liubomyr Zubach and Business Ombudsman Serhiy Kiral received bonuses almost three times higher than their official salaries.

Compared to August, the bonus of Iryna Marunyak, the deputy mayor in charge of housing and communal services, increased the most, amounting to 13 100 hryvnias. As for Andriy Ivanovych’s “personal astrologer,” Lyubomyr Zubach, his bonus increased by 11.9 thousand hryvnias, while the executive committee’s chief of staff, Natalia Alekseeva, saw an increase of only 7.1 thousand hryvnias. On average, the bonuses of the Town Hall’s managers were increased by more than 5 thousand hryvnias.

In terms of bonuses for high performance, Andriy Sadovyi’s remuneration was the lowest at 6 thousand hryvnias. On the other hand, Iryna Maruniak’s achievements were highly appreciated, and her bonus amounted to more than 20 thousand hryvnias.

More details on the payments to city officials can be found in the table:

Information on the accrued salaries of the Lviv city mayor, deputy mayors, manager of the executive committee, and the council secretary for September 2023 by type of accrual

No. s/nPositionofficial salaryadditional payment for rankallowance for length of service yearsbonus for high achievements in laboradditional payment for work with secret documents andpremierevacationsick leavecompensators I am in favor of unused vacation timeaverage earnings (call-up for military service)salary for the period of stay in business trip no; participation in the sessionmaterial for assistance for health improvementassistance for to solve social and domestic issues issuesTOTAL accruedDeductions from wages (military duty, personal income tax of individuals, trade union dues)Actually paid out
1Mayor of the city9167,70447,212403,736009,33916,7721179,4035777,5275901,6615559,8360341,83
2First Deputy MayorDeputy Mayor for Economic Development11123,81533,332331,4313988,571112,3828956,9517954,7676001,2314820,2461180,99
3Deputy Mayor for Urban Development10666,67514,292795,2413976,2030046,482955,0560953,9311886,0149067,92
4Deputy Mayor – Business Ombudsman7333,33366,671785,009485,0020656,9536166,6775793,6214779,7561013,87
5Deputy Mayor for Housing and Communal Services14000,00700,005880,0020580,0035026,0076186,0014856,2761329,73
6Manager of the executive committee’s affairs12666,67497,623291,0716455,361266,6724148,106130,9564456,4412569,0151887,43
7Deputy Mayor for Humanitarian Affairs12115,94519,263790,5616425,7628389,989622,8570864,3513818,5657045,79
8Secretary of the Board0,000,00

As a reminder, the State Bureau of Investigation has reopened the case that Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi hastily closed with the National Anti-Corruption Bureau at the beginning of russia’s full-scale aggression. Also, since the beginning of the year, Sadovyi mayor’s office has spent half a billion hryvnias on paving, instead of transferring the money to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.