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NABU detective Kaluzhynskyi, who led the criminal case of Sadovyi, “abruptly” mobilized to the Armed Forces
October 2, 2023
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Not with paving stones alone. Earnings of Mayor Sadovyi and his mayor’s office increased in September
October 6, 2023

Andriy Sadovyi’s personal astrologer at the City Hall gave a forecast for urban development: “Construction is a business sensitive to downtime”

Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi is grasping at the last opportunity to retain power over urban planning issues, Vgolos writes. Despite the fact that he and his “hand-picked executive committee” had been putting pressure on developers who did not want to share their “fate” for a long time, the mayor decided to reach out to them and seek their support. However, he did not dare to address the entrepreneurs personally; instead, Sadovyi sent his deputy, Liubomyr Zubach, and chief architect Anton Kolomeitsev to discuss the problematic issue of issuing urban planning conditions with the developers. This was reported by a deputy of the Lviv City Council from the European Solidarity faction and a well-known developer Nazar Berbeka.

Sadovyi and Zubach may have hoped that they could use their influence to gain support. But the developers unanimously opposed the transfer of these powers to the mayor’s “hand-picked” executive committee, which has long used it to achieve its goals and continued to hold the “nuts”.

This is natural, as the law has been violated many times when considering urban planning issues. The members of the subcommittee on the activities of the executive committee found that instead of the promised 10 working days to respond to the developers’ applications, they waited more than 180 days. In addition, the Lviv City Council carried out reconstructions of municipal facilities without the approval of the deputy corps.

“Inspired” by the meeting, Zubach began to talk about urban planning through the prism of astrology on his social media and on a news site owned by Andriy Sadovyi, forgetting about a number of violations of legal deadlines that the executive committee did not meet, he complains about downtime…

“Astrologers say that when the moon is waning, it’s a good time to get rid of everything that hinders you in life. So there’s a chance that emotions will subside and ambitions will subside. Someone will realize that the elections are far away and that there are simply important things for the city.

The district council will go about its business, and a common solution will be found within the walls of the Town Hall. And it will definitely be legal and in the interests of the community. After all, urban planning is a very sensitive area for residents. And without their participation, it definitely won’t work.

Am I an optimist? I am a realist. Construction is a business that is sensitive to downtime. If the moon goes around a new circle, officials will survive it. But developers are not a fact. And they will know exactly who to thank for the losses,” Zubach writes.

Zubach expressed his disappointment that the executive committee had become “naughty,” possibly due to its collegial nature, which is difficult to control or bind by court order. He also pointed out that the executive committee had imposed a moratorium on the issuance of new city plans in the Pid Holoskom neighborhood, which may not have been beneficial to some people.

So maybe it was the month that had such an impact on the minds of officials, not MPs, if they don’t notice the obvious and are ready to lie to everyone to stay at the trough?

As a reminder, the Lviv District Administrative Court deprived the executive committee of the Lviv City Council of the authority to issue urban planning conditions and restrictions on construction or reconstruction throughout the ATC.

At the last plenary session of the Lviv City Council, the deputies were proposed to designate the Architecture and Urbanism Department of the City Planning Department of the Lviv City Council as a specially authorized body for urban planning and architecture. However, Andriy Sadovyi hastily closed the session to prevent a vote that would definitely not be in his favor. As Zubach says, “construction is a business sensitive to downtime,” but not when the mayor can be left without a “share” and the issuance of city plans will be as the law says!