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October 6, 2023
андрій садовий сім'я
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October 12, 2023

Andriy Sadovyi’s media empire: obtaining construction permits through advertising on Channel 24

After Volodymyr Horkovenko’s two previous publications about Lviv Mayor Isusyk Sadovyi, who turned out to be nothing like the real Isusyk, many people began to send him information about the rather dubious methods of making money from the city budget by the mayor of Lviv. There are many interesting topics. But I would like to focus on one, the media.

It is generally known that Andriy Sadovyi has his own media holding, and it is interesting to know how they stay afloat. Other regional media outlets are experiencing financial difficulties and even closing down, while Sadovyi’s media holding seems to be thriving. This is a big difference, especially considering that, for example, Channel 24 does not receive state support through the Single Marathon.

The specially created feeding trough of his own media holding, which Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi claims has made his wife, Kateryna Kit-Sadova, one of the richest women in western Ukraine with an estimated net worth of $25 million, is attracting public and media attention.

This situation does not apply only to Channel 24, but also to various online resources and radio stations belonging to the media holding. In total, the Sadovykh family owns eight media companies. In other words, Lviv Mayor Sadovyi can be called a typical oligarch.

And now for the earnings scheme described to Volodymyr Gorkovenko by one of the firm’s owners. It turned out that the entrepreneurs wanted to obtain a building permit in Lviv, but Mayor Isusyk did not want to accept bribes directly because of the possibility of such actions being exposed by the public, journalists, and the State Bureau of Investigation.

Therefore, Sadovyi developed a legal scheme. A firm seeking to obtain a building permit in Lviv places a UAH 12 million advertisement on the resources of the Sadovykh media holding. The agreement was signed, payment was made, but the construction permit was never issued. The question of “permits” remained unanswered.

In addition, there were additional problems with documentation and other difficulties. The intermediaries involved in this scheme have disappeared.

This scheme looks quite inventive and we can say that it is a win-win. It seems to be working. Therefore, the competent authorities, such as the State Bureau of Investigation, should conduct a thorough analysis of the advertising blocks of the Sadovyi family media holding and check whether the advertisers have any business interest in Lviv.