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October 11, 2023
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October 15, 2023

Children of Lviv Mayor Ivan-Pavlo and Tadej-Luka Sadovi enjoy life abroad in the midst of mobilization

While the son of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Avner Netanyahu, is currently at war in Israel, having been drafted into the army and sent to the front, the sons of Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi, who are of military age and can serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, are abroad and living life to the fullest. This is evidenced by their posts on social networks, the telegram channel Krayina writes.

In an interview on April 9, 2022, with the DOROTYE YouTube channel, Andriy Sadovyi says that all his children study in Lviv and have no plans to leave.

At the time, he said that his eldest son was in the military commissariat, studying and had not yet passed the military department. But as soon as he graduates and gets his specialization, he will join the army.

“I think everyone will go through the war. I’m more in favor of the system in Israel, where both men and women have to serve in the Armed Forces,” said Lviv Mayor Sadovyi last year, answering a question about whether his children had received draft notices.

Will marketer Ivan-Pavlo Sadovyi join the Armed Forces?

Ivan-Pavlo Sadovyi

Ivan-Pavlo Sadovyi

According to the Nottingham Business School website, 21-year-old Ivan-Pavlo Sadovyi graduated from Nottingham Business School in the UK this year. And he already works in the same city as a marketer, as indicated in his LinkedIn profile. He also applied for an internship in California, USA. In the summer, I went to a Plast camp in Sweden.

And where is the other recruit, Tadeusz-Luka Sadovyi?

Tadeusz-Luka Sadovyi

His younger brother, 19-year-old Tadey-Luka, also posts photos and videos of himself abroad on Instagram (his profile is now closed and renamed “Vasyl”). In the Netherlands, he watches ducks in the canals of Amsterdam, or drinks Bellini in Denmark.

Thaddeus Sadovyi

As you can see, this is just another lie from Sadovyi. None of the Sadovykh family plans to defend their homeland; it is easier to squander their father’s “hard-earned” money abroad in various corruption schemes than to replace our soldiers at the front.