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November 12, 2023
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November 24, 2023

250 thousand. Euros to Kateryna Kit-Sadova from Uliana Yarynych for shopping in Milan: for her husband Andriy Sadovyi to “help”

The owner of the Medicaver chain of clinics turned out to be a key player in political and corruption intrigues, covering all levels of government: from the Lviv region to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. An investigation by from.ua highlighted how the owner of the clinic empire, a sincere patriot, bribed influential officials after the Revolution of Dignity, such as Bohatyryova and Andriy Sadovyi. In addition, let’s consider its funding of Russian projects, instead of research commissioned by a well-known clinic in Warsaw.

In the summer of 2023, a group of hackers called Ukrainian CyberAvengers disclosed the contents of the hacked email of a businesswoman from Lviv, Ulyana Yarynych.

Using malware, the hackers obtained screenshots and posted them on the darknet. And, surprisingly, it turned out that behind her immersion in personal affairs, Yarynych managed more than just a network of clinics.

According to the materials obtained, Yarynych, who owns five elite clinics in Lviv region, owes her success not only to her professionalism but also to her good connections with government officials. The contents of Yarynych’s mail testify to her generous gifts and bribes to the authorities, as well as to the disclosure of corruption that came to light after the Revolution of Dignity.

One of the letters states that the costs of luxury gifts and vacations for Kateryna Kit-Sadova, wife of Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi, and other officials were paid for from the Ukrainian budget.

Here’s how it went down: Ulyana Yarynych plans to fly to Milan with a certain Katya K-S (coincides with the initials of Kateryna Kit-Sadova, the wife of Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi). The vacation expenses will be paid by Yarynych’s pocket charity fund Life Fo Life.

Ulyana Yarynych asked her assistant to send her and Sadovyi’s wife 250 thousand euros each! And this is from the account of a charitable foundation, i.e. from money that should be used for good deeds.

It turns out that Ulyana asked her assistant to send her and Sadovyi’s wife 250 thousand euros each from the account of the charity fund, i.e. from the funds intended for charitable causes.

You may have thought that Yarynych is like Lviv’s Robin Hood in a skirt: she takes money from wealthy patients and gives it to poor officials (but this is not the case).

You are mistaken, the correspondence reveals the moments when Ms. Uliana received funding twice: from Polish sources and from Ukrainian government agencies.

Thus, the costs of shopping and gifts for the children of officials, including Sadovyi’s wife, were paid from the Ukrainian budget!

How did this happen? For example, in August 2014, Mariana Teneta, head of the genetics department at the Ukrainian Medicaver, sent a concept for a study to find genetic differences between Ukrainians and Russians. The letter shows that 850 thousand euros are being allocated for the research by the Polish side.

In particular, the correspondence indicates that the clinic’s chief geneticist offered to buy ready-made genetic databases in Russia, financed from the budget. Given that the study was already paid for by the Polish partner, the question arises as to the reliability of the results and possible treason.

And here’s another letter: the money for the research has already been allocated, but Ulyana Yarynych instructed her employee to save money and not collect samples, but to buy a ready-made genetic database. A seller was found… in Russia!

A month later, Medicaver’s chief geneticist reports that the database of 2,000 digitized children’s genetic samples and 32,000 biometric data has been successfully purchased. And he asks for money for bribes to buy another 13 thousand samples of genetic material.

What does Ulyana do? As a true representative of business, she makes a proposal to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to once again pay for the costs of acquiring and processing genetic databases. Despite the fact that the cost of these services had already been covered by Warsaw Medicare at the beginning of the year! In his letter to Natalia Nyzova, director of the Center for Public Health of Ukraine (until 2016, the Ukrainian Center for Socially Dangerous Diseases Control), Yarynych discusses the importance of research.

However, her letter omits the fact that the project is already receiving funding from Poland, and she suggests that all costs be transferred to the Ukrainian budget.

After that, the topic of genetic research is removed from the correspondence. There is a possibility that the project was classified, as Ulyana Yarynych recommended.

Did it manage to get budget funds? And if so, did it collect the data on its own, or did it again purchase a ready-made database from “Russian partners”? How much can we trust the information received from Ukraine’s main enemy? Is there a possibility that Russia is deliberately falsifying the data? Is it possible that the intelligence services are using a buggy system that makes it difficult to distinguish Ukrainians from Russians?

And, most importantly, how did Poland’s role end? Did Ulyana share the results of the closed research, which was mainly funded from the budget? If so, it is no longer a question of ordinary corruption, but of full-fledged treason.

The editorial office of from.ua contacted Ulyana Yarynych and representatives of Medicaver for comment, but so far no response has been received. This investigation reveals only the tip of the iceberg, and the editors are ready to publish any comments or positions of the parties, if they are submitted.