андрій садовий живе на одну зарплату
What salary did Andriy Sadovyi and his deputies receive in October?
November 3, 2023
андрій садовий
Even the war is not a hindrance: Sadovoye City Hall spends hundreds of millions of hryvnias on roads and landscaping
November 8, 2023

Landscaping during the war: Sadovyi has spent 65 million hryvnias on trees and shrubs

“Everything for the army, everything for victory” – with these words, Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi once again promised to stop non-priority spending from the city budget.

In addition to the road repair in Lviv for 92 million hryvnias, reconstruction of the Zamarstynivskyi Park for 25 million hryvnias, trees and flowers had to be planted.

For example, this year alone, district administrations of the Lviv City Council purchased services for landscaping and maintenance of green spaces (planting flowers, trees, pruning trees, bushes, mowing lawns, flower beds, etc.) for a total of 65,772,996.82 hryvnias for budgetary funds!!! That’s 65 MILLION!!!! Think about it, and this is in a country at war!

It is especially cynical when they spend 2,250,888.19 hryvnias for landscaping and tree care services on the territory of the historical and cultural landscape complex ‘Citadel’ in Lviv (UA-2023-05-24-014089-a). Of course, visitors to the 5-star Citadel – Gastro Boutique Hotel, where the cheapest room costs 130 euros, should feel comfortable, writes the Joker telegram channel.

And Sadovyi’s trees are not cheap: Ornamental apple tree – 5000 hryvnias/each, spherical cherry – 4500 hryvnias/each. And these were purchased for 929,720.00 hryvnias (UA-2023-04-27-011396-a).

At the same time, a contract was signed for perennial tree and shrub seedlings.