андрій садовий бруківка
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October 22, 2023
Свистун Інна Василівна та Андрій Іванович Садовий
Promotion from Sadovyi’s godfather: Inna Svystun now heads the economic development department of the City Hall
October 25, 2023

NGO “People’s Anti-Corruption Bureau” initiates State Audit Service’s inspection of financial abuses Sadovyi and Lviv City Council

Lviv City Hall may face the largest inspection in all the years of Mayor Andriy Sadovyi’s leadership.

The NGO People’s Anti-Corruption Bureau initiated a thorough financial audit of Lviv City Council by the State Audit Service. This was reported by lawyer and activist Andriy Petryshyn on his Facebook page.

“Please don’t say that ‘now is not the time’ or ‘we will sort it out after the war’. Right now, when we have enough evidence of financial mismanagement by Lviv City Council, the State Audit Service of Ukraine should conduct a comprehensive audit of the financial and economic activities of the city hall and its executive bodies: the executive committee, departments, offices, divisions and municipal enterprises. It is important that the audit covers not only the last year or two, but also all aspects of the economic activities of city officials since 2007, when Andriy Sadovyi became mayor. Now it’s up to the auditors,” said Andriy Petryshyn, head of the People’s Anti-Corruption Bureau.

Appeal for a comprehensive inspection of Lviv City Council

Appeal for a comprehensive inspection of Lviv City Council

The requirements of this appeal include the following:

  • conduct a thorough audit of the financial and economic activities of Lviv City Council and its executive bodies;
  • To ensure public control, appoint a representative of the People’s Anti-Corruption Bureau to the commission responsible for conducting a thorough audit of the financial and economic activities of the Lviv City Council and its executive bodies.

“Starting from the moment we initiate such a large-scale inspection, which has not yet been conducted in the Lviv City Council, we will do everything possible to ensure that corrupt officials from the city council involved in misuse of budget funds receive real prison sentences in the near future,” added Andriy Petryshyn.

For reference:

Andriy Petryshyn is a Lviv resident, a well-known lawyer and human rights activist in Ukraine, an active participant in the Revolution of Dignity and a public figure. The People’s Anti-Corruption Bureau started its activities in 2018 and specializes in protecting the rights of Lviv residents in matters related to preventing the construction of a waste processing plant in residential areas of the city, returning illegally alienated land plots to municipal ownership, and other socially important issues.