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Sociological survey: only 5% of Lviv residents support the activities of Mayor Sadovyi and Lviv City Council

Lwów, Ukraina, 17.07.2023. Mer miasta Lwowa Andrij Sadowy uczestniczy w otwarciu biura Warsaw Enterprise Institute we Lwowie, 17 bm. (ad)PAP/Vladyslav Musiienko

A sociological survey conducted by the OPORA civil network found that half of the residents of the Lviv community do not express a positive attitude towards the activities of the local authorities and Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi himself. In particular, 50% of respondents do not approve of the mayor’s work, and 48% express dissatisfaction with the work of the Lviv City Council.

Among the surveyed respondents, 20% do not approve of the activities of Mayor Sadovyi at all, 30% rather disapprove, 26% express a rather positive attitude, and only 5% fully support his activities. Interestingly, older respondents were more positive about the mayor’s activities.

Instead, a large majority of respondents, namely 63%, expressed satisfaction with their life in Lviv (53% feel rather satisfied, and 9% are completely satisfied). Only 1% of the responses were negative, and another 10% were rather dissatisfied.

Lviv residents are especially satisfied with the quality and accessibility of education in their region, usually rating it at 3.7 points out of 5. In addition, residents of Lviv consider the condition of roads, the quality of housing and communal services, the environmental situation, health care, social protection, investment attraction, and support for small and medium-sized businesses to be satisfactory.

Local residents are the least satisfied with the use of bomb shelters and community shelters. In addition, many noted the lack of transparency in the work of local governments and the inaccessibility of services for people with disabilities.

According to the survey, Lviv residents believe that the city budget should be primarily spent on security issues. This is confirmed by the fact that 86% of respondents consider it necessary to spend money on military purposes, while almost a third of respondents support the allocation of funds for the construction of bomb shelters, shelters, indestructibility points and the purchase of generators. The least relevant for them is improving the city’s amenities, as only 5% are willing to allocate money for this purpose.