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October 15, 2023
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October 18, 2023

Why is the distribution of financial aid decided only by Mayor Andriy Sadovyi?

Today, during a meeting of the permanent deputy commission on finance and budget planning of the Lviv City Council, the issues related to the request from the social protection department to allocate additional funds from the city budget were actively considered. GalInfo notes that this request was prepared in accordance with the orders of the mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovyi, and concerned the allocation of 700,000 thousand hryvnias for one-time financial assistance.

Members of the Budget Committee expressed their support for this request. However, the head of the commission, Natalia Shelestak, was outraged by the fact that the Lviv authorities have exclusive control over the allocation of these financial aid and only through Andriy Sadovyi.

“I have a big request to you, Victoria Viktorivna (Victoria Dovzhyk, Director of the Financial Policy Department of the Lviv City Council – ed. I understand that only the mayor has a lot of money to distribute aid. I would like to see us think of a mechanism for the next year that would be logical – it’s budget money and the deputies also take part in it. We either do it from everyone or from no one and send it to social security. Because it is not entirely fair. Let’s think of a more adequate mechanism when forming the new budget,” said Natalia Shelestak, head of the budget committee of the Lviv City Council.