Why is the distribution of financial aid decided only by Mayor Andriy Sadovyi?
October 18, 2023
андрій садовий сміття
Bohdan Mykhalus, GreenEra Ukraine, and Sadovyi: How is Lviv’s garbage business directly linked to Russia?
October 19, 2023

Maxim Kazarov: Sadovyi – money for the boys, not for the pavement!

The entire Lviv community is outraged by the treacherous actions of Mayor Sadovyi and the entire city council. You know that the city of Lviv is now one of the richest cities in Ukraine thanks to IDPs. They receive money from the central budget, thanks to our soldiers stationed in Lviv region, and part of the taxes on their salaries goes to the city’s treasury.

At the same time, there were 2.3 billion hryvnias in Sadovyi’s accounts and a gigantic cut began. He allocated money wherever he could, but not to the front. When other cities, such as Dnipro, find opportunities to allocate 260 million hryvnias for drones, ammunition, and equipment, Sadovyi is promoting himself – he donated two cars, two Mavic, and a photo report, which was sent to all the media loyal to the mayor.

This will not do! People all over Ukraine are demanding that city authorities send at least 25% of their money to the Ukrainian armed forces. Odesa, Chernivtsi, Chernihiv, Ternopil, Rivne, Dnipro came out. Everyone left, except in Lviv, where the cunning mayor Sadovyi took some well-fed volunteers and they went to the regional council. The regional council has no money. All the money is in the city, and Sadovyi quietly walks down Rynok Square to the city council, no one pickets him. And somewhere there, hand-picked volunteers are standing outside the regional council with posters. It will not be like this anymore. On Friday, October 20, we are preparing a peaceful action on Rynok Square, near the city council, if the gardener does not come to his senses. There is only one slogan: “Money to the front, or to the front yourself!” – says Maksym Kazarov.

Just look at what Sadovyi produces. I’m not talking about the Soviet agents in the city council who are being exposed by the SBU and appointed by Sadovyi. I’m not even talking about the thousands of tenders, I’ve just scratched the surface of the iceberg, you’ve seen that there’s almost a billion hryvnias for paving, 100 million hryvnias for Bandera Street, which was completely reconstructed a couple of years ago. That is, money through construction companies owned by Sadovyi and his wife.

How can you say that you are a great patriot, how can you attend the funeral of a guy in the garrison church, and five minutes later sit in your office and steal again! You have at least a little bit of conscience, Sadovyi!

This will not happen again. We are giving the court a week to decide if the money from the city budget is not spent on our soldiers in sufficient quantities, and every week, concerned citizens, including me, will gather near the city council.

A week, because it’s getting old! Because it is beyond belief how many heroes have fallen.

Look at the Mars field in Lviv, the number of heroes, and no help for them. And the mayor still looks me in the eye after having committed such a big theft, I would understand if they had moved the Clay Gate there, in the very center, where there are a lot of tourists, but no, they bury money where you can’t check!