Садовому і його дружині загрожує ув'язнення на 15 років
Mayor Sadovyi and his wife face 15 years in prison for large-scale corruption schemes
August 30, 2023
запит в НАБУ Садовий
The East of the Front and the West of Morality: How Mayor Sadovyi Closed a Criminal Case in the NABU on the 10th Day of the War
September 6, 2023

Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi launches an information campaign against Telegram channels that report on his corruption

Andriy Sadovyi is not a simple guy at all. Andriy Sadovyi is really practically a mini-oligarch. Andriy Sadovyi has his own MPs, central television and radio. An oligarch’s mini-kit, so to speak. The quiet, calm Andriy Sadovyi turned out to be not a quiet and calm mini-oligarch at all. His nickname is Andriy Dolya.

Of course, all of Andriy Sadovyi’s money and business are registered to his wife, Kateryna Kit-Sadova. And even Sadovyi’s entire media empire is registered in his wife’s name.

This is how an ordinary, quiet Andriy Sadovyi turned out to have an entire media empire.
Naturally, as we know, the cost of maintaining the TV channel is a loss-making business, these are millions of dollars a month that Andriy Sadovyi spends on TV during the war.

The first media victim of Andriy Sadovyi was the Telegram channel TRUHA, which systematically wrote about the corruption of Andriy Sadovyi.

For $35,000, Andriy Sadovyi ordered an investigation against the TRUHA telegram channel from completely unknown investigators called NGL.

NGL are not really unknown guys, they are guys from the OUR MONEY Lviv project.
Nashi Hroshi’s Lviv office did not share money with its alcoholic boss, Yuriy Nikolov, who systematically slanders the President on Facebook and wakes up in the morning and deletes the posts.

So the project Nashi Groshi Lviv rebranded itself as NGL and applied for funding from Andriy Sadovyi.
So to speak, they added to Andriy Doly’s media empire. Yes, during the war.

Sadovyi’s investigation against the telegrams of the TRUHA channel

The person who wrote this investigation is a certain Kateryna Rodak.
We go to the Facebook page of investigator Kateryna Rodak and see a standard picture: Zelenskyi is bad, Zelenskyi’s team is bad, and there is no bad word about Andriy Sadovyi.

And the whole investigation against TRUHA began and ended with money. The journalists were interested in only one question: how much does Trukha earn? Investigators found out that Trukha earned $600,000 in 3 months.

We will not upset the investigators, but we will say that TRUHA earns $600,000 in 3 weeks, not 3 months.

But what business is it of yours how much the private TRUHA project earns?

The key word is earning, and don’t you, dear investigators, want to investigate how much Andriy Sadovyi spends on his media empire during the war? Not interested?

And yes, Andriy Sadovyi, you are a little bit on fire when you order your regional lapdogs from NGL to fight against the central telegram channels.

Andriy Ivanovych, the level is different. And your friend, the Russian oligarch Friedman, will no longer help you.