The State Bureau of Investigation is demanded to open proceedings against Lviv Mayor Sadovyi for paying millions in bonuses
June 27, 2023
Lviv officials receive money out of thin air with the participation of Mayor Sadovyi
June 28, 2023

How to make money out of nothing: another criminal magic of Sadovyi

This is how one can characterize another story with a criminal tinge of one of Lviv’s municipal enterprises.

As we have learned, yesterday the suspects were served with suspicions of committing criminal offenses under Part. 4 Art. 191, ч. 1 Art. 366 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine to the officials of Lvovvodokanal and the director of the contractor’s company.

The situation is cynical to the point of pain: employees of the utility company as representatives of the customer and the director of the contractor’s company, by prior conspiracy, drew up deliberately false official documents on the dismantling of a non-existent building on the street. 13, Plastova Street in Kyiv. Lviv.

You may ask, what is the crime and what does it have to do with utilities? Criminal because the contractor paid the money for the work that was not performed and apparently divided it among themselves, and free utilities because the building actually existed, but before the contractor signed the agreement, it was dismantled by the employees of Lvivvodokanal.

In this situation, it is worth paying attention to the address, because it is on ul. Plastova 13 in Kyiv. Lviv city authorities are heroically building a mechanical and biological complex for the handling and processing of solid waste.

Lviv utilities will do whatever it takes to please Andriy Sadovyi in the implementation of this project, and they do not forget about themselves.